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KITee for one, and one for all.  1 KITee = 1 (1 : 1)

DOGE's just aren't doing it right!  DOG's cant' run our market all by themselves, so we made KITEE (Pronounced: Kittycoin) to run with them.

Sacrifice your DOGE!

Communication technology for internet business. Global world network and telecommunication


9th Wallet Touch - burn em'!
5% of Every Transaction - burn em'!
99,999 Deflationary Protocol 1079' - burn em'!

Really...what is this?  KITeecoin is an identical DOGE meme build on the same ETH (ethereum) network but it is wayyy different!

Deflationary, not inflationary.  With every 9th transaction on any wallet, those coins will return to the KITee-hub where they will enter a locked, one-way wallet and prepare to be burned on the 9th day of the following month.

On that 9th day those coins, PLUS a base amount of 99,999, plus approximately 325,000 "9th wallet" coins; plus 5% of the deflationary (transaction) protocol - at this rate, we'll be pyro-experts in no time (moms and dads, no flame was used in the burning of these coins)!  In 9 years, that's like a 1 baazillion (near a billion) BURNED coins or 10% deflation rate!

The paths of KITee coin will eventually create a rewarding deflationary asset similar to Safemoon - just 9 times better!

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of Leadership, 

Marketing and Crypto Experience



We Expect Over

1 MILLION wallets!




At the 9th Wallet Address

7.6M est

Monthly Burn

Year est BurnOff


Our Proposed Blockchain Partners


Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Decentralized Wallet?  Pay KITee from LA to NY, NY to Tokyo, and Tokyo to Buenos Aires.

KITee (kitty) is out to help every individual feel good about their purchases and in kind, help animals in shelters, kill-sites and abused homes.  Just by holding KITee you're already doing your part in making the world a better place not for just one, but one for all.

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