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Scattered Coins

MetaMask Wallet (Mobile and Chrome extension).

KiTee wallet is coming soon!  Use MetaMask for Google Chrome or MetaMask Mobile!

Feline Translation: Meow Meow. Meah, meh, Mea meah. Meow.

Grow, Share and Trade KiTee - 100% of each burn goes to a selected animal rescue the community selects at the end of the month!

Is there a rescue or a 501c3 that goes out of their way to help stranded, rescued or abused animals?  If so, email us your favorite rescue* and if selected, we'll donate 100% of the monthly burn held on the 9th of each and every month!  You may even be selected to present the check on behalf of the KiTeeCoin community*!

*No purchase is required. Travel, Hotel and Expenses may be at the sole responsibility of the winner.

A decentralized Blockchain - what the community controls

Once live, KITeeCoin will be in the communities hands. If nothing more, KITeeCoin will help those animals who have been less fortunate.  Save an animal by making a difference just by holding, using and sharing KITeeCoin.

Fair, honest and reasonable transactions fees -10% Flat - 5% "cash" back to the community, and 5% to the incinerator.  Deflationary with you and the community always in mind. 

With every transaction, you're helping an animal shelter shape a new opportunity.  You're saving lives just doing what you already do anyway - so use KiTee to pay for goods, gas, meals with friends and family - whatever you do!  When you do, it will reward you!

We Integrate With The Blockchain So You Can Be You.


Want to rent a Ferrari in South Beach?  Pay with KITeCoin!  If there's a need for champagne or caviar, all you need is your MetaMask or KITeCoin wallet and some KiTee and you go girl! 

Designer jeans, Dolci Gabana shoes, there's no limit to paying with KITeeCoin!  Our wallet acts just like a debit card, allowing you to pay for just about anything - where ever VISA is accepted - KITeeCoin is planning to be there too!

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