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What is KITeeCoin?

Pronounced KittyCoin, KITeeCoin is designed to be a working cryptocurrency coin similar to DOGe - 


KITeeCoin goes far beyond what DOGE can do.  Although its theory is based on the DOGE open source protocol, KITeeCoin does a lot more!

Let get REAL. DOGe doesn't actually help its holders by regenerating more and more DOGE every minute. Instead it creates a INFLATIONARY market where everyones' DOGE just keeps sinking in its value with every new round of DOGE created right out of thin air.  That is why Bitcoin and KITeeCoin go hand in hand.  There is a set amount or reducing amount in circulation and that is it.   No splits, forks or knives to deal with.

Since we know DOGe doesn't create a deflationary market like KITeeCoin does, what does it take to increase the value of KITeeCoin being staked in your wallet?  You see at KITeeCoin there are three major areas we focus on.

On the 9th day of every month for 9 solid' years, we're burning tokens that have touched their 9th wallet address.  We don't actually take the KITeecoin in your wallet, we just run some fancy DPS report and whallah its' burn time kitty!  

Then with every transaction, we apply a community "tax" fee of 10% of the base transaction amount.  Here's the breakdown:

  • 5% of the KITee transaction is burned (burning down the house), and

  • 5% of the 10% comes back to the community by dropping monthly air drops to the top 10,000 KITee wallets!

    • Man, if free KITeeCoin wasn't cool enough dough, here's even the best part - its' FREE!

"Every month for 9 years we'll burn an additional 99,999 KITee to help YOU and animals all across the planet. We then convert that burn at a minimum of $0.01 cents per KITee and we donate that KITee burn to an animal or rescue center that saves both DOGS and CATS all around the world! 

Ok, hang in their Snoopy, we know this is a lot of information.  What would a hypothetical burn that creates that deflationary protocol look like? 

On the 9th, we take 99,999 coins and fry them at $0.01 which makes $999.99 or a $1,000 donation.  Then, let's say thru all of the trading and swapping of KiTee in the market, we pulled 325,000 "9th wallet" KiTeecoins where at the current market value of $0.0028334, we get $920.86.  Now we have $1920.86 - but hold up, we're still not done!

Finally, half of the 10% transaction fee has given us lets say 235,789 coins to burn baby, burn!  That means we're donating nearly $2,000 to an animal shelter in need, and burning nearly 660,789 coins! Our new total supply would be 99,999,339,210 in Total Supply!  Deflationary protocol 1079 states 9 years of deflationary measures.  We estimate some 886 million coins will be removed or burned by 2031.

In 9 years, we're also expecting to donate 8% or 7.9-billion KITee coin or nearly $1,000,000!  We have a good feeling our KITee community will do much better than that!  Realistically, we could easily burn over 1,000,000,000 (billion) KITee over just 2-3 years or more based on Protocol 1079.  You and your fellow community will certainly help many unfortunate souls just for using and trading KITee!  

KITeeCoin is also payment token which is just as efficient as DOGe, but it becomes even more.  Once VISA comes on board to crypto, we expect an interface exchange system that bridges Kitee market-value to fiat.  Whether you want Kitee to pay for groceries or the show is on you.


Doge, Shiba(s) can't rule everything.  If they're mans best friend, then we'll be...woman's best friend!  Ha take that!  So boys and gentlemen you better get some KITee to pamper that kitty - if you know what we mean.  You'll thank me later. 

Plus, our KITee can be used to trade cryptocurrency for anyone who has a MetaMask wallet and Uniswap to do so.  Let's Get Started!

Our Story

After seeing all the DOGE memes going on, our owner started to see no reason for DOGE to be in the market.  He said, "I mean, what does DOGE do? Sure you might pay me for say, mowing your grass or taking out the trash, but what can I buy, how does it help other people, does the value of my Doge continue to deflate all while just HODLing it?"  Mr. Hadduck knew something had to be done.

Meanwhile back at the Hadduck home, the wife continued to come home day after day, exhausted with grim news.  "I'm so tired of having to put down dogs and cats that are surrendered by their owners.  It's just not fair to the dog or cat."  Mr. Hadduck agreed. "I get animal aging and getting older but there are so many animals that need a second chance!  Why hasn't our society understood this?"  Suddenly Hadduck stood up, "Thats it!  We need a cryptocurrency that is inflationary, has a purpose, like saving animals on the kill-line, and takes good care of the community."  And right there, KiTe or Kittee Coin was made.

With over 38 years of leadership and an MBA in Business Management, Mr. David Hammuk and his team of developers, writers and the "crew" are ready to change the world.  Mr. Hammuk and his team have fostered or worked with rescues around the globe trying to make an impact in helping our unfortunate best-friends.  "Our movement is about saving and improving the lives of animals who don't discriminate or demand anything from us.  They just want a chance.  Like any of us, just a chance to be accepted, wanted and loved."  

Help us by teaching others they too can help the unfortunate victims of human neglect or torture, catastrophic misplacement, and those who are truly the speechless, and unrepresented.

Experienced Leadership

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